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From paper to CBT. Changing the way testing is done, changing teaching.

I want to think about children\'s learning in real life from an education expert

Recommendations on how education should be should be made by subject matter experts and instructional experts.

It is a company that conducts CBT implementation and evaluation analysis in general, problem development work for elementary and junior high schools using CBT, and consulting business that connects and creates with development companies in the field of education.

We collaborate with educational researchers and school teachers to implement tests and consulting that are more realistic.Curriculum education is the pillar of school education. Is the business in the educational scene really learning for children? Will the culture of schooling be considered “worthy” by teachers and children? As a specialist in subject education and guidance, we will continue to pursue the way of education that puts children first.

The first is computer-aided test (CBT) question creation, test execution agency, and overall evaluation and analysis work. From now on, it is the era of testing using computers. However, there are problems such as whether the created questions are measuring the ability you want to measure, or there is not enough time to create questions. In such a case, we will create the problem on behalf of you and carry out the analysis work.
Secondly, we provide business creation and strategy consulting, development, and lectures in education, connecting people with people, people with companies, and helping create a new era of education.

Pursuing the way of subject education that puts children first

Education in the future will require “thinking”. A long time ago, \"people who have a lot of knowledge\" were said to be \"wise people\" because they could extract what they knew immediately. However, as it is now, there are many things that can be learned with a little research. In other words, it can be said that from now on, we will need the ability to pioneer new things that people do not do, the ability to solve the problems in front of us, and the ability to create new things.
In school subject education, it is not only important to memorize the knowledge of the learning content. It is necessary to keep thinking as an independent person about how to use that knowledge in everyday situations and how to live a richer life. We live in an era where the future is difficult to predict, but it is an urgent issue to think about how to raise children living in that era.